It’s time to freshen up Austin! Austin’s Paint Guys are here to keep our fine city vibrant and beautiful. This is a place of new beginnings. People from all over the world are moving to Austin, Texas and what do most people do before they move into a new place? They paint it of course! We love painting Austin (or staining, flooring, stripping and so on).

Home needs to look and feel like home. Colors and textures of your walls set the backdrop for your every day life. It is our job as Austin’s paint guys to know how to paint that backdrop to enhance your life. Also, it needs to last. Whether we are painting the exterior or the interior of your home, it’s a big job.

We live by our Painter’s Promise. Providing you with a level of professionalism, expertise and courtesy unprecedented in the painting industry. With over thirty years of experience painting, our expertise will make your painting experience with us an exceptional one.